4 Heart Health Tips: How to Prevent Heart Disease

How to Prevent Heart Health Through Natural Methods

Heart Disease Prevention in Great Neck, NY

Did you know that most deaths all over the world are due to heart-related problems? And it’s not just happening to older adults; it’s happening to younger adults more and more often. Common health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, among others, can increase the chances of developing heart complications. The good news? YOU are in control when it comes to your heart. Besides seeing your primary care physician in Great Neck regularly, there are steps you can take to prevent heart disease. Improve heart health through natural methods and become heart healthy at any age with these tips:

1. Engage in Healthy Workouts

Physical exercise is paramount for not only strengthening your heart muscles but also maintaining a healthy body weight by burning excess fats. Aerobic activities such as walking, running, cycling, rope skipping, swimming, combined with weight lifting and resistance training, help in controlling your blood sugar and improves on your cardio. They make it easy for your heart to pump blood to the muscles and draw oxygen from the blood. Our weight loss program in Great Neck offers private workout sessions, yoga, and qigong to the public.

2. Enjoy a Healthy Diet

Eating healthy food will help you to maintain a healthy body weight, thus reducing the chances of heart disease. You’ll likely need to replace saturated fats, mostly found in animal products, with healthy fats such as avocado oil, olive oil, among others. These oils help to lower cholesterol levels, reducing the blood pressure. Every person has unique needs and should consult an expert if they have concerns with their diet. If you need more guidance with specific meal choices, there’s good news. As a part of our concierge membership AND weight loss program in Great Neck, you have access to our registered dietician at no additional cost. Our registered dietician IS open to the public as well at an affordable rate, that may even be covered by your insurance.

3. Stop Smoking

If you aren’t a tobacco smoker, improving your heart health through this natural step is effortless. Tobacco smoking tightens the arteries and increases the heart rate making your heart work harder to pump blood. This results in high blood pressure, which increases the chances of a blood clot that may lead to a stroke. 

4. Manage Stress

Psychological problems are heartfelt. Stress plays a significant role in cardiac issues, which result in a high risk of a heart attack. But heart disease prevention in Great Neck, NY is possible. Getting enough sleep, exercising, and learning relaxation techniques are some of the strategies you can apply to relieve stress. Other therapies that may help you relieve and manage stress are yoga, reiki, and qigong. HealthBridge offers these stress management modalities under one roof.

Integrating positive lifestyle choices and seeing your doctor regularly are some of the best gifts you can give to your heart. At HealthBridge, our primary care physicians in Great Neck work to improve the health of your body and mind, working hand in hand with our dietician, stress management team, personal trainers to help patients reach optimum health.

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