Primary Care

Primary Care

Primary Care That Challenges The Status Quo

Your Primary Care physician should be the most important provider in your family’s healthcare universe. The already critical shortage of quality Primary Care physicians is rapidly becoming strained to the limit often leading to long wait times, short visits and being reduced to a number. We believe that this arrangement leads to poor piecemeal care and mistakes.  In order for your primary care doctor to be most effective, they need to have the time to truly get to know the whole you and to comprehensively manage your care. 

At HealthBridge, we make that time possible. 

We didn’t wish to be a part of a negative system and wanted better for our patients. We created Platinum Concierge to allow our physicians to practice medicine the best way possible -putting your individual health front and center and allowing for the highest level of quality care.

Our team of highly trained, Board Certified, university affiliated physicians, Dr. David Edelson,  Dr. William Klein,  Dr. Geraldine Lanman, Dr. Hillary Beberman and Dr. Nathan Schulman are all dedicated to providing you with the best possible medical care. Together, our doctors have over 100 years of experience in the practice of Internal Medicine, and are regularly honored in NY Magazine’s, Castle Connolly’s, and Newsday’s Top Doctors lists. And when it comes to choosing someone to trust with your personal healthcare decisions, quality and experience really do make a difference.

A Focus on Natural Lifestyle Interventions

Our physicians pride themselves on working hand in hand with the entire HealthBridge team of health and wellness professionals. By offering expert nutritional, physical fitness and stress management services, our goal is to help you reach and maintain your optimum state of health.

High Tech Diagnostic and Treatment Capabilities

Our doctors have at their fingertips many of the latest diagnostic and treatment tools allowing patients a virtual one-stop healthcare experience. HealthBridge Diagnostic Services can provide you with state-of-the-art advanced diagnostic testing right in our office, including:

  • Exercise stress testing
  • ICAEL Certified Digital Echocardiography
  • ICAVL Certified Vascular testing
  • High resolution GE Lunar DEXA bone density testing
  • Body composition analysis
  • Basal metabolic rate testing
  • Polar “Body Age” fitness testing
  • AASM Certified Sleep Medicine testing facility
  • Lung function capacity testing
  • Instant strep, influenza and pregnancy testing
  • Instant Coumadin monitoring
  • Licensed travel vaccination center

Top New York Doctors
HealthBridge Doctors are consistently voted top New York Doctors by their Patients and Peers

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