4 Reasons People Avoid Annual Physicals.

“It has been three or four years since my last physical.”

Does this sound like you? Has it maybe been longer? Many people avoid going to the doctor so you are definitely not alone in this. And the reasons for avoiding an annual physical are relatable. Our goal is for you to feel & be well as long as possible to enjoy and participate in your life at the fullest. Here are 4 common reasons people avoid the doctor and why you don’t have to worry at HealthBridge.

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♦Many folks feel good and feel that their health is adequate.


You sleep well, exercise, eat a healthy diet, don’t have any digestive issues, you aren’t experiencing any pain or discomfort, and you don’t get sick very often. Why would you need to see a doctor?

Feeling good is very good news and we want you to continue feeling good! More than that, we want you to feel good for a very long time. There are lots of ways to continue improving or maintaining your health. Sometimes, as we go through different stages of life, what we do to keep ourselves healthy should also transition. Your physician can help guide you through these subtle tweaks each year, especially about things you may not be thinking about.

From time to time, there are signs your body may be showing us to signal something is a bit off. These signs may not be anything you can see or feel on your regular day to day basis. Often, noticing these signs and bringing your body back to balance helps to avoid serious health conditions down the road. Having baseline check-ups each year helps you and your doctor both understand what is normal behavior for your body and makes it easier to identify when little things start to shift that may be resolved more simply.


♦People feel unheard, unseen or betrayed by past providers.


This is understandably a very tough issue. Your doctor should be trusted and your relationship sacred. Many people have experienced physician care in a very rushed manner (which is usually preceded by long waits to get an appointment and long waits once in the office.) In the health system that has been created, a doctor may not have more than 10 or 15 minutes to spend with you and 80 other patients to see. This often results in being told standard advice to cover themselves for liability, leaving questions unanswered that they don’t think are a priority, and usually a referral for a battery of tests and to see a specialist. It is almost impossible for doctors in this type of environment to truly become acquainted with your health, to get to know you as a person and to allow enough time to properly research and plan, not only for you but WITH you. Not only is this frustrating for the patient but can also be stressful for the doctor attempting to practice good medicine. The “doctor knows best” ego can also get in the way of addressing things that are important to you or answering questions you have. All in all, the only person this truly hurts is the very person that is supposed to be helped and supported. You.


At HealthBridge, we have broken this toxic cycle.


Good healthcare is about you and your experience. We have created a space and a model of care that nourishes a partnership between doctor and patient. When you visit us, your time is respected, we value the questions and input you have about your own body and we allow ample time for real communication, understanding, research, and planning. Our facility also has an entire team at your service beyond your primary care under one roof that are all in communication about your needs from nutrition, physical training and sleep quality to a spa for wellness, relaxation and beauty services.


♦Fear sets in that only bad news will be delivered. Not knowing something is wrong is better than facing issues head-on.


Fear is a powerful emotion. And it is an emotion that many of us prefer to avoid. It is not uncommon for folks to worry that every symptom could possibly point to something more serious than it actually is and the weight of that can be a lot to bear. This is especially true when an online search produces results that have every symptom from sneezing to rashes listing cancer as a possible cause. We 100% encourage you to participate in your health, to be educated about it and to be an advocate for yourself. With an abundance of information available at everyone's fingertips, it can be difficult to sort through. Having a dedicated, experienced physician that knows you and your body can help you do that.

In many cases, we can help you resolve the stress and anxiety you are holding about some of these issues. And in the event something does need to be addressed, early interventions can prevent things like simple infections, high cholesterol, and elevated blood pressure from becoming bigger risks.

Another fear is the fear of being shamed. You could be worried about being made to feel bad, worried, scared or guilty about your habits, lifestyle or even your weight. You may be anxious about having less than perfect health choices pointed out to you. You may be worried that the damage is already done and rather not think about the consequences. We completely understand.

Health is the most precious gift we have and it can be scary enough to think about it being in jeopardy without the added stress of feeling shamed or lectured. Our seasoned physicians take the time to understand your unique needs, emotions and concerns, and to help you incorporate habits and treatment plans that will realistically work for you and your life. We create a safe, positive space to speak about topics like these openly and honestly with the focus on what you can do rather than what you should have done.


♦Folks are overwhelmed with work & errands, too busy with managing family & household and can’t afford the time it takes to sit in a doctor’s office.


You get the oil changed in your car every 5000 miles and get the vehicle inspected on a regular basis. Why not afford that care and maintenance to your two most important machines?

Your body and mind are the machines that allow you to work, allow you to run errands, allow you to spend time with your family, and allow you to go on vacation, take care of your home, and most importantly your loved ones. We implore you to consider shifting your view and putting your health in the mix of your top priorities.

Time is absolutely a precious commodity. Many of us feel like we never have enough of it. Our goal is to make sure you can utilize and enjoy your time while in good health for as long as possible. We also respect your time just as we respect ours. That is why it won’t take weeks to get in your doctor’s schedule, you won’t wait an hour for your appointment in the office and you will be afforded an ample amount of face time with your provider for your annual exam and any other visit you make with us. It is also why we offer virtual visits when needed and 24/7 phone access.


HealthBridge offers healthcare the way it once was; the way it should be.


Are you a busy executive with a demanding schedule?

HealthBridge offers a solution to help keep you healthy, detect problems early and maintain your edge for maximum productivity. Our Executive Platinum Plan and HealthVantage Exam is designed for maximum efficiency, all under one roof, without the fuss of multiple visits.


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