Aller-geeeeez! 5 Ways To Reduce Allergens in Your Home

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This allergy season is a whopper.

Aller-geeeeez! With warm temps, early blooms and lots of rain it is no surprise you may be experiencing worse than normal symptoms. Always talk to your doctor about symptoms you are experiencing because there is a good chance you’ll get relief!

Beyond being unsightly, dust is just one sign allergens may have taken over your home. Other allergens that you can see can include, dust mites, mold and pollen, leading to rashes, asthma, itchy/watery eyes, running noses and stuffed up sinuses. Unfortunately, some allergens are so micro you can’t detect them. Allergens find their way into your home in a lot of sneaky ways.


There are many things you can do to cut down your exposure and give your body a break!

If over-the-counter medications aren’t cutting it alone you might want to try some of these tips. If you are very uncomfortable, symptoms are going on for a long time or getting worse, a prescription might help. The Top Doctors at HealthBridge are very experienced and knowledgeable allowing them to provide the latest in allergy medicines and make the most up to date recommendations.


Keep your family, guests & pets happy and healthy! Use these simple tips to reduce allergens in your home.


Protect & Clean Your Bedding

Approximately 80% of allergy sufferers are allergic to the waste of decomposed dust mites. Yes, you read that right, decomposed bugs, smaller than a grain of sand, too minute to be seen with the human eye. Your mattress and pillows should be encased in dust-mite-proof covers to prevent any allergic reactions. Also frequently changing and washing your bedding is essential.

Invest In A Good Air Filter

Because a house is big, creating an allergen-free home may feel overwhelming, but fear not, air filtration systems are one of the most effective tools in fighting allergies. Even a smaller HEPA air filter can be useful when used in the affected person’s room at night and rotated between other rooms during the day. When pollen counts are high, also be sure to keep your windows closed and use HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters in your air conditioners! HEPA vacuums can also be a lifesaver. Vacuum the floors, under beds and furniture regularly and daily if you have pets!


Besides being a trendy activity, decluttering can improve your allergies. Dust collects on clutter, the more clutter, the more dust. Simple solution with many benefits, including your health!

Make Mold Your Enemy

The first step is to remove all mold you can see, on your shower curtain, in damp basements and walls. Dehumidifiers are your friend, especially if they have HEPA filter. A professional mold inspection is also recommended if there are ongoing issues.

Remove Your Shoes, Change Your Clothes & Rinse Your Hair!

When you come in from outside and being out in the world, think of all the places allergens are hitching a ride into your home. Remove your shoes at the door, put on a fresh shirt and definitely rinse off your hair before bed! Your hair may have pollen and other allergens trapped in it, and at night, now they are caught between your pillow and your face.

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BONUS Tip! Do you have a pup that hangs out with you on the couch or snuggles with you in bed? If you have a furry family member, you may want to consider rinsing them off more frequently. Rolling in the grass is adorable but grass and pollen are not your friends when it comes to allergies.

These five steps can mean major changes in allergy-health for you and your family. If you are in need of allergy support and would like to find out more about becoming a HealthBridge Platinum Concierge member, call us today at 516-627-4433 or send us a note!


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