Effectiveness of Weight Loss Drugs

CNN Interview David Edelson, MD About Weight Loss Drugs.Great Neck, New York Weight Loss Specialist Dr. David Edelson, hears the stories of dozens of patients each day -- most of them grappling with serious weight problems, after a lifetime of obesity.While the drugs are not approved specifically for weight loss, \"We know they work,\" Edelson told CNN in a phone interview. While there are four other medications approved to treat obesity, in Edelson's experience, patients quickly build up resistance. \"Patients tend to lose 10 or 20 pounds, but then they get stuck.\" With the combination, he says, they lose two or three times the weight, and keep it off longer.\"We've got to think of obesity as a disease, with 400,000 preventable deaths each year,\" Edelson said.\"I understand they need to make sure they've done their due diligence, but at the same time we're facing a crisis here. We're facing an army of obese patients, and we're using a pop gun. We've got a water gun,\" he said in an exasperated voice. \"Finally, we have a new age tool and they're holding it back from us. I just don't understand it.\"In his experience, says Edelson, \"There clearly are some side effects, but they're mild and easily manageable by an experienced physician.\"Read the full CNN Story here - Not enough good data' to back obesity drug, panelist says


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