Facials are all the rage. Which One Is Right For You?

In the world of skincare, facials and masks are having a moment, and rightfully so.

Facials and masks are two wonderful ways to improve the health and appearance of the delicate skin on your face. The best part? No needles, no surgeries, and no downtime. But with so many choices, which one is right for you?

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There is no shortage of at home masks, kits to do self-facials and even microdermabrasion.

However, these out-of-the box, cookie cutter methods aren’t necessarily the best for your skin type, may not deliver the results you want and in some cases and can cause adverse reactions or damage if not done correctly.

A talented and experienced esthetician, like Bella Feldman here in the Spa at HealthBridge, can help evaluate your skin and its unique needs to customize the proper facial and administer it in a way that is safe and effective. The key is expert customization. She not only customizes the high-end products used but the technique of the application and the physical use of the tools and technologies available. Bella can help you develop a skincare routine that works for your skin.

There are three basic categories for facials. Want more than basic? The Tribella Ultimate Facial is changing the game.

Bella can help you choose which facial is right for you. The best part? She will individualize each one specifically for you. The needs of your skin can change over time and she can also help adjust your treatments for maximum benefit.

The Deep Cleaning Facial

This facial helps cleanse and polish the skin. Under a soothing steam, a brightening, skin clearing polish can be used which includes glycolic acid, salicylic acid, arbutin, green tea polyphenols, co- Q10 and bisabolol. For clogged or compacted pores, extractions can be performed to your needs in a way that is safe and won’t damage the skin or result in scarring. An azulene mask can be layered on the skin to soothe and calm redness while performing an application of high frequency to assist in healing and bringing more blood flow to the skin as well as increasing oxygen to the skin. To finish, a pure oxygen treatment is infused with a saline solution.


The Tightening Facial

To prepare the skin, exfoliation through microdermabrasion is performed and the skin is cleansed and steamed to allow maximum penetration of advanced skincare products. Microcurrent is applied to help retrain and lift the facial muscles and also assists in the improved absorption of serums. A Peptide correction mask is layered with the dermovia clinical compression mask. To complete the tightening facial, an oxygen treatment infused with collagen or vitamin C serum is followed by a lifting massage.


The Hydrating Facial

After a soothing cleanse, a delicate rose water hydrating mask is applied under a face steam. The face is then massaged with a hydrating caffeine-infused cream. To stimulate collagen, a 10 minute LED mask is applied followed by prosana ginseng modeling and a hydrating mask. A large dose oxygen treatment is also infused with hydrating rose water to finish.


The Tribella Ultimate Facial

The most robust, intense and powerful of the facials, the Tribella Ultimate Facial combines 3 unique procedures into a single 90-minute session. Utilizing the most advanced Venus skincare technologies, this non-invasive procedure can help tackle the signs of aging and bring you smoother, younger, healthier looking skin.


♥ Venus Viva NanoFractional Resurfacing: reduces fine lines and wrinkles

♥ Venus IPL Photo Rejuvenation: treats age spots and acne

♥ Venus DiamondPolar MP2: stimulates new collagen formation making skin tighter & more youthful


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