Harmonic Focus® - A Gentle Way to Create the Best You


Want more energy to enjoy your life?
Want to attune your body, mind, and spirit?
Want to enhance your balance?

Simple Qigong practices can facilitate Mind-Body-Spirit Health and help you sustain a happier and more productive life. These practices, which have been utilized for thousands of years, promote health, emotional happiness, and spiritual development. Qigong integrates four proactive health care power tools:

  • Gentle movements that promote balance, flexibility, strength, and range of motion while standing, sitting or walking
  • Breathing practices that promote oxygenation, relaxation, and foster self-awareness
  • Meditation and visualization for concentration and focus
  • Self-applied massage to accelerate natural healing mechanisms

Not only is Qigong complementary to traditional medical and psychological treatment approaches, it is safe and supportive for various health conditions and physical activity levels. Group practice sessions provide social interaction, support, and fun!

Join our weekly group sessions every Tuesday from 10am to 11am.

Single sessions: $25/person (Platinum Members $20/person)
Discount packages are available

For more info, contact HealthBridge 516-627-4433 or email qigong@healthbridgeinfo.com


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