New York State Covid-19 Vaccination Program

Our state is currently in phase 1A. Understanding New York State's Covid-19 Vaccination Plan

UPDATE Monday January 11, 2021

New York State has now entered Phase 1B. HealthBridge Does Not Yet Have Vaccines at The Office. If you are eligible in Phase 1B there are vaccination hubs being set up in New York State. Check your eligibility here and they will direct you where to go.

The amount of vaccines available in the entire state of New York is still very low. At this time we do not know when our office will receive the vaccinations. It is possible that we will not receive them for quite some time. As soon as we have that information we will absolutely inform our practice. But until then, if you are eligible in the current phase, please do not wait for us to receive the vaccine, check your eligibility and get referred to a location by the state.

See who is included in Phase 1A and 1B here.

If you are included in phase 1A or 1B - Use the New York State eligibility form to confirm your eligibility and get referred to the proper vaccination hub.


Vaccine Updates For Our Office
HealthBridge has been accepted into the New York State Covid-19 Vaccination Program. At this time, we do not yet have access to any vaccine supply as the first deliveries are going to major hospitals and nursing home facilities. We will be notified when there is vaccine available to order for our office.

Is The Vaccine Only Available To Patients?
At this time due to extremely limited supplies, we will be offering vaccinations to patients of the practice only. When vaccine supply improves we will make every attempt to assist household family members get vaccinated, even if they are not patients. If you would like to become a member of HealthBridge Platinum Concierge, we would be happy to discuss all the benefits available to you that are covered by the membership fee and discuss the role your insurance coverage will play.

Which Vaccine Will You Have?
How Will It Be Stored ?

There are currently two vaccinations cleared for use, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. In preparation we have ordered an UltraCold Freezer capable of storing the vaccines properly at the extreme temperature needed as well as the other supplies needed for inoculation so that we are prepared as soon as the vaccine is distibuted to us.

When Will I Be Able To Get The Vaccine?

Below is New York State's plan if you would like to read it. We would like you to keep in mind that this plan is a living and breathing document that may change to properly address any new situations that arise with the virus, availability of supplies, the public infection rate or our systems/institutions.

We are currently in Phase 1 (A) Click here for the link to the breakdown of our current phase

Click here for the full New York State vaccination guiding document

We will be following the strict protocol set by New York Sate to establish who will get the vaccines first.


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