7 Tips to Prevent Skin Cancer

Preventing Skin Cancer in Great Neck, NY

You may have been spending more time indoors in recent weeks, but the weather is getting nicer and we encourage you to go outside (while safely social distancing). Health benefits of going outdoors can be tremendous on your energy, stress levels, mental health, and physical health. Before going outside, Dr. Magdalena Swierczewski recommends the following tips to maintain the integrity of your skin and prevent skin cancer in Great Neck, NY.

1. Slather on the sunscreen. Make sure to cover all exposed areas of skin: face, neck, chest, arms, legs. Skin cancer can develop on any part of skin, so you especially want to protect those regions exposed to sun.

2. Use a sunscreen with an SPF30 or higher. SPF stands for sun protection factor which indicates how well a sunscreen can protect skin from UVB rays. SPF30 blocks 97% of UVB rays, which can cause sunburn, skin damage, and contribute to skin cancer.

3. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside. You may not know, but your skin actually needs time to absorb sunscreen to begin working.

4. Routinely examine your body for any irregular spots, growths, moles, pigmentation. These can be indicators of skin cancer, which can develop on any part of your skin and can spread to nearby tissues and organs.

5. Don’t forget to reapply! Add another layer of sunscreen to your skin every two hours. If you’re sweating heavily or swimming, you may need to reapply more frequently.

6. Wear a hat. An extra layer of protection can help sunscreen from wearing off if you are sweating. Wide-brimmed hats are effective, but a baseball cap is also fine if you apply sunscreen to your ears and neck.

7. Don’t prolong your stay! These sun-protective measures aren’t a license to stay in the sun longer. Do what you need to do and have your fun, then return indoors until the sun has fallen in the sky.


What are medical grade skincare products?

Medical grade products are developed through clinical research and the amounts of active ingredients are much higher than what over-the-counter products are legally able to contain. They can penetrate the skin better and deliver a higher concentration of active ingredients. Higher amounts of active ingredients = better skin!

Until the end of June 2020, we will be offering 25% off on our medical grade sunscreens from Neocutis and HB Naturals, and antioxidant serum from SkinBetter (usually 10% off for members). If you are interested in purchasing, please send an email to us and we can have it shipped directly to you.

  1. HB Naturals Sunscreen is SPF50 and is formulated with green tea polyphenols, bisabolol, squalane, ectoin, and antioxidants to protect the skin and prevent skin cancer
  2. Neocutis Micro Day Sunscreen is SPF30 and is formulated with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and Micro-Protein Complex to protect the skin and prevent skin cancer
  3. Neocutis Prism+ Water Resistant Sunscreen is SPF 43 and powered by zinc oxide to protect the skin
  4. SkinBetter Alto Defense Serum boosts skin's defense against environmental stressors and free radicals with powerful antioxidants

HealthBridge Platinum Skincare Partners

If you’ve noticed any new growths or concerning spots or pigmentation, please contact your dermatologist.  If you do not have one or would like a telemedicine visit in the privacy of your home, Dr. Rebecca Chusid available to our patients. Contact Dr. Chusid's office directly at (516) 669-0877

HealthBridge has partnered with Long Island Plastic Surgical Group to offer Platinum patients a 24/7 on-call service for emergency treatment of lacerations or burns in the comfort and safety of their private office settings in Garden City and Babylon. Now, instead of going to a crowded Emergency Room, you can call Dr. STITCH at (877) 377-8482 and an experienced Plastic Surgeon will meet you at their private facility anytime of the day or night. Their physicians are contracted to be in-network providers with a variety of health plans and hospital affiliations.


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