Telemedicine on Long Island

At a time when social distancing is among the primary measures used to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine is emerging as a key technology for safe and efficient communications.

Patients can stay connected with their providers and receive the guidance they need 24/7 through phone calls and video conferencing. The World Health Organization regarded telemedicine as an essential service in “strengthening the Health Systems Response to COVID-19” policy and noted that it should be one of the alternative models for clinical services and support. Utilizing telemedicine on Long Island can help flatten the curve of demand on health systems and save countless lives.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine involves using electronic communications to provide clinical services and care for patients without a physical, in-office appointment. Practices shifting to telemedicine on Long Island are able to assess patients remotely, reducing exposure of illness and minimize surge on facilities. HealthBridge has long provided this service as a part of concierge medicine in Great Neck, and continues to consult patients after hours and as part of usual practices.

How does telemedicine work?

It is important to note that telemedicine is not emergency care and isn’t appropriate for emergency situations like heart attack or stroke, chest pain, lacerations, or broken bones. You should still call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room and anything that requires immediate, hands-on care should be handled in person. However, telemedicine is very useful for general health concerns, consultations and straight-forward issues such as:

Cold and flu

Insect bites

Sore throat


Pink eye

During this time, you may consult with your provider via phone call, video conference, or other everyday communications technologies to avoid in-office visits.

Advantages of Telemedicine on Long Island

Telemedicine makes it safe and convenient for patients to stay healthy and engaged in the quality of their health. Patients have shown satisfaction with real-time care with their providers with benefits that may include:

Increased access to care

Enhanced quality of care delivery

Reduced healthcare costs and hospitalizations

Improved patient engagement and satisfaction

Telemedicine doesn’t mean that you’ll never visit a doctor’s office again. But it does make care more accessible and affordable in some cases. As a member of HealthBridge Platinum Concierge, you will have preferred access to a team of highly experienced, Board Certified, university affiliated physicians who are established leaders in their fields. Our office can help you set up virtual office visits from the comfort and safety of your home.

How Can Telemedicine Help During the Covid-19 pandemic?

Telemedicine makes it safer and more convenient for patients to remain healthy and engaged in the quality of their health. Patients can describe symptoms with their providers and discuss the best treatment options available, preserving their safety to a high degree. For those displaying COVID-19 symptoms, providers can order tests and provide instruction and guidance. For patients experiencing straight forward issues such as cold, sore throat, insect bites, diarrhea, and pink eye, telemedicine makes receiving proper care more accessible during this time.

Is Telemedicine Secure?

Telemedicine is secure when both the telemedicine platform and medical professionals are in full compliance with HIPAA guidelines and adhere to rigorous standards for communications. During the Covid-19 pandemic these rules will be more lenient to allow greater access to care.

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