The Skinny On Keeping Weight Loss Resolutions

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Now that we are a few weeks through January, we wanted to check in and see how you are doing with your weight loss New Year’s resolutions. Are you still going strong? Are you starting to slip back to old habits? Are you getting discouraged because you aren’t seeing results quick enough? If you are noticing that your level of excitement and commitment to the weight loss goals you set are starting to fade, you need to read this!

Why Weight Loss Is Important

Making your health a priority this year is probably the greatest and most sustainable gift you can give yourself. Weight gain, and an expanding waistline as you age, can contribute to a number of health conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnea, heart disease, high blood pressure and fertility issues just to name a few. Obesity has even been linked to an increased incidence of certain types of cancer.

Set Realistic Goals and Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Obtaining Weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight could mean making a number of changes to your diet and lifestyle. Some of these changes might be drastic. But here is where New Year’s resolutions start to go wrong! You don’t have to necessarily make a lot of drastic changes and you don’t have to make a lot of changes all at once. I REPEAT! You don’t have to change everything all at once! If you find yourself not sticking to your goal don’t give up. Instead, be grateful that you noticed and be mindful of getting yourself back on track.

You didn’t gain the weight in a few weeks so why would you lose it all that quickly? Your habits and the lifestyle you have been living have been ingrained in your routine for years. It takes time to break old habits and to make new habits stick. One of the most important things we can recommend is to set achievable goals and keep the positive momentum going. You may be thinking this is easier said than done. How to integrate and prioritize these changes can be overwhelming and hard to see for yourself. This is where having a team can really benefit and support you! Identifying what you ultimately want to achieve is the easy part but a professional can help break down your goal into easy bits that work for you. As you achieve each smaller set of goals you will notice a shift not only in how how body feels but in the positive mental shift.

How To Make Healthy Eating Easy

There are a number of ways to incorporate healthier food choices and habits that come in handy for weight loss. Knowing what proper portion sizes look like can be extremely helpful. A great tip is to utilize a visual trick by using a smaller plate for your meals. Correct portions on a large plate can play brain games and leave you feeling dissatisfied and hungry. Dr. Edelson explains this this theory on our YouTube channel! There are also a number of fun ways to incorporate more veggies without having to stare at a giant plate of steamed broccoli. Check out this great list 41 Sneaky Ways To Eat More Vegetables.


If grocery shopping, food prep and cooking aren’t your thing or too much to think about while trying to introduce other new habits and changes, you may want to consider a meal delivery service like Nutropia. It doesn’t get easier than having fresh meals delivered directly to your home or office.

Depending on your health history and weight loss goals, cutting portions and eating more veggies may not be enough. The Thin-Site weight loss program gives you access to a Registered Dietitian that can provide expert nutritional counseling. She can help you navigate what food choices are best for you in coordination with your HealthBridge physician’s findings and lab work.

Sneaky Things That Make Weight Loss Difficult

You are exercising and watching what you eat but still not seeing results? This can be frustrating. There are a number of factors that can impede or plateau weight loss. Weight issues are rarely the result of just one thing and sometimes they are not obvious.

A big benefit of being a member of HealthBridge’s Thin-Site weight loss program is having a physician guided team help you sort it all out. While diet and exercise are important for weight loss, there are a number of different factors that can and should be analyzed if you are trying to lose serious pounds safely and effectively. Your blood work, medical history, medications and BMI are just a few things that your HealthBridge physician will review. Additionally your HealthBridge doctor can recommend some of the latest breakthroughs in weight loss medications to help speed your results.


Sleep - Did you know lack of sleep can cause increased cravings and prompt consumption of larger portions? It can also keep you feeling hungry and has been shown to affect cortisol levels. Lack of quality zzz’s also can be a contributor to fat storage. Practicing good sleep hygiene can help move you in the right weight loss direction. If you have good sleep hygiene practices and still suspect an issue like insomnia, frequent sleep disturbances, snoring or sleep apnea, we encourage you to get evaluated.


Medications & Supplements - There are a number of medications that can cause weight gain. There are even medications that can help speed weight loss! Please seek the advice of your doctor before stopping, changing or adding any medications or supplements.




Health Conditions - Weight gain is not always the cause of overeating and can be a symptom of a different condition. Thyroid issues, depression and Cushing’s Syndrome are examples. Less serious issues like a slow gut and not having regular bowel movements may also be a culprit. If you aren’t having regular bowel movements, the solution may be as easy as getting hydrated, improving your gut flora and supplement with a quality fiber. (OptiFiber Lean by Xymogen is a quality, physician line powder fiber. You can use the referral code:EDELG and then enter Edelson in the last name of practitioner box.)


Stress - Feelings and hormones are connected. Whether you are stressed, anxious or depressed, emotions can contribute to weight loss and weight gain.





Food Addiction - In some people sugar, fat and salt can stimulate the same feel-good centers of the brain like much like cocaine . Yes, food addiction and compulsive overeating is real.




Insulin Resistance - If your insulin is not working properly, your blood sugar levels will be off, your body can store fat more easily, your cravings might increase and you might feel more tired. Basically, improperly working insulin causes a domino effect of symptoms that will not work in your favor for weight loss. Insulin resistance may be genetic or may be caused by poor diet and lifestyle. It is also a precursor to Type 2 Diabetes. You physician can help identify if this is an issue for you. With proper diet and lifestyle modifications and sometimes medications, it can be managed or resolved.


Keep It Moving

A sedentary lifestyle should be avoided. Our bodies are designed to move! Hitting the gym 7 days a week might be too aggressive if you are currently doing little activity. There are more gentle ways to start like taking 2 walks each day, opting for stairs instead of the elevator, parking on the far side of the parking lot or gentle exercise like yoga or Qi Gong.

If you are ready to hit the gym, knowing what exercises are best for you, how to properly use the equipment and being accountable to someone has its benefits. We have two personal trainers on-site at HealthBridge as well as a gym! They are also offering a wonderful 2018 promotion:


We invite you to learn more about the details and packages available directly from the pros!



Jessica Bank (516) 304-0050 Jessica Bank, A Certified Personal Trainer and former competitive olympic lifter and body builder, has been training clients for over six years. She has devoted her time in educating people about the benefits of combined training and nutrition for a healthy lifestyle. Jessica is certified by I.S.S.A./International Sports Sciences Association, the oldest and most prestigious training certification, as well as the NASM Training Program.

Among these certifications she is also certified in dealing with Pre/post Natal Clients and rehabilitation training in clients over the age of 50. Her additional certifications and hands on experience enables her to specialize in individuals recovering from injuries, falls and strokes.



George Adams (516) 236-8523 George Adams, A Certified Personal Trainer and former competitive Amateur Bodybuilder, has been training clients for over fifteen years. He has devoted his time in educating people about the benefits of weight training, proper nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. George has been certified by I.S.S.A./International Sports Sciences Association, the oldest and most prestigious training certification, as well as the S.M.A.R.T. Training Program which is accredited by Dowling College.

George has been a trainer and nutritional supplement consultant for numerous clients at top level national and international gym chains such as: Golds Gym, Powerhouse Gym, and NY Sports Clubs (NYSC). George is a keynote motivational speaker, has been featured on FOX 5 Morning News Show and the winner of the 2012 “Best of LI” award for Personal Trainers.


Get Started With Thin-Site!

With the compassionate help of our Board Certified, university affiliated physicians and specialists, our program has achieved remarkable success regardless of whether you need to lose 5 or 500 pounds. Utilizing the latest medical breakthroughs and natural therapies, we will help you lose weight safely and effectively, including:

The latest FDA approved weight loss medication
Safe, natural weight loss supplements
Delicious meal replacement options
Home meal delivery services
Nutritional counseling by experienced RD
Full service private fitness center
FitLinx computerized training system
Private and group exercise classes


Make your weight loss New Year’s resolution a success! Call HealthBridge at 516-627-4433 or send us a note to learn about Thin-Site.


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