What You Need To Know About Travel Medicine

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Vacations should be all about rest, relaxation and adventure! Sometimes travel is necessary for work. If you have a travel destination abroad, whether it be for business or pleasure, it is definitely worth being prepared where your health is concerned.

There is a broad range of topics to think about that a travel doctor can help you with.

Will the climate or altitude affect you? Are you coming into contact with animals? Are there bugs to worry about? Do you experience jet lag? Will you be coming into contact with a lot of people at large gatherings or on a cruise ship? Is the water safe? The possibilities are endless! But, the stress of this can be removed entirely if you consult an expert!

Whether you are staying close to home or traveling the world, if a medical related issue does arise on your trip, Platinum Concierge members of HealthBridge can rest easy as they have 24/7 support and access to their doctor to help address these concerns via phone, email and virtual visits.

HealthBridge is home to one of the few fully certified Travel Medicine facilities on Long Island.

Our physicians are experienced in providing advice on travel throughout the world. Our facility is licensed to administer all necessary travel vaccinations, including yellow fever, hepatitis, polio and typhoid among many others. While Platinum Concierge members receive travel consultations as part of the membership, we welcome all individuals to avail themselves of our travel services!

Here are four top reasons to schedule a visit with a travel doctor before your next big trip!


When you’re traveling you’re exposed to a whole new set of germs. Infections can run the gamut from the flu (pretty much everywhere), to yellow fever if you’re traveling to more exotic locations like Peru. So be sure to tell your doctor where you’re going so they can protect you with recommended (and often required) vaccinations. Often, there are also other viruses and bacteria that you need to be informed about that there are no vaccinations for like the zika virus. Tips about what you should wear, eat and drink come in handy and well as what to do if you do get sick. If you are planning to become pregnant or are pregnant while traveling, you should also make sure you tell your doctor.


While at the doctor you’ll want to make sure you discuss all of your current medications, and if you are traveling long-term, arrange enough to last you through the trip. And because things can sometimes go wrong, discuss your options if your meds get lost when you leave your purse on top of the rental car or the airline misplaces your bag.


Should anything major occur and you need to be hospitalized or get medical attention, you can ensure you’ll be covered. You’ll want to check with your insurance company to make sure you’re covered as some groups will cover you when traveling. If you’re not, for a small fee, travel insurance can provide peace of mind and can be worth its weight in gold.

General Health Preparations Before, During & After Travel

There are a lot of ways that you can make travel a healthier experience. Travel can put a lot of stress on the body without you realizing it! Maybe you get anxious or stressed about flying or perhaps sleep patterns will be interrupted or changed or many experience uncomfortable constipation while away from home. An experienced travel doctor can help make individualized recommendations for you and give you tips to keep stress down, improve sleep, aid digestion and overall keep your immune system happy.


It is recommended to see a doctor 4-6 weeks before you travel, this will give them plenty of time to address any issues that arise. You should also check out the CDC’s website to get region-specific information about health prep!


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