What's The Difference Between MicroNeedling and PhotoFacials?

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Both of these trendy beauty treatments can transform your face with hardly any downtime, but which one is right for your skin? The best way to find out what is right for you is to talk to an expert! The Spa at HealthBridge has an amazing aesthetic team that can give you the best advice about treatments and what is safe and effective for your skin. If you are a VIP Platinum Concierge Client, a complimentary skin and beauty consultation are one of the benefits of your membership!

We’ll walk you through the basics of how both procedures work and some of their benefits.


MicroNeedling is all about collagen, in fact, it’s also known as collagen induction therapy. As you age, you produce less collagen creating fine lines, dull, loose skin and more. The treatment works its magic by rolling fine needles over the skin, resulting in invisible puncture wounds in the top layer of skin. As the skin repairs the perforations, collagen is naturally produced. Just like that it delivers impressive results, wrinkles fade, blood circulates, pores shrink and skin tightens, softens and glows.


◊ Practically painless, natural and safe with little to no downtime

◊ Effective in reversing acne scarring, sun damage, and pigmentation

◊ Typically includes an application of numbing creams, serums and/or face masks

◊ Helps topical serums and creams penetrate the skin more efficiently for weeks

◊ Potential very mild side effects include redness, pinpoint bleeding, itchiness

◊ You can wear makeup the next day



The technology behind a PhotoFacial is light. This treatment also has little to no downtime and can be done over your lunch break. It works under the skin's surface by targeting pigment, reducing the appearance of discoloration.

PhotoFacials are a great choice if you struggle with uneven complexion, discoloration, premature-aging or vascular marks on your skin. While basically painless, it feels like a light snap or flick on the surface of the skin and there is a usually a cooling element to make the treatment comfortable. If you’re looking to gain a more youthful, radiant complexion, and diminish signs of premature aging, PhotoFacials are a perfect match.


◊ Results get better over time. Not everyone is the same but 4-5 treatments per area 3 weeks apart are common. Your licensed aesthetician will review your protocol including frequency and length of time needed between treatments. We want to make sure it is the best fit for you to achieve the desired results in a safe and comfortable way.

◊ Afterwards, skin may feel warm, with redness remaining for up to a day

◊ Avoid tanning and self-tanners before treatment

◊ There may be some discomfort on sensitive areas such as the upper lip

◊ May also work to improve the look of fine lines

◊ You can apply makeup immediately after your treatment with sunscreen first

◊ The more you protect your skin from the sun, the longer the treatment will last. A touch-up every 3-6 months is recommended

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